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Aviemore Dog Park

Aviemore Dog Park is a local family run business which provides a secure field which allows our K9 companions to have the freedom and fun they deserve while allowing us the humans to relax safe in the knowledge that your dog is in a safe secure area. We set the Area up to protect local wildlife and livestock. The area has many endanger species and various locations for reintroducing endangered species, in the hope that there is less disturbance of their habitat. Aviemore Dog Park is a great opportunity and space to allow your dog the freedom to roam, enjoy some zoomies and resume their off-lead and distance training without distractions in a secure environment. The field is great for nervous or reactive dogs as there will be no others in the area.

5 acres of open field gives plenty of places for your dog to explore and sniff, it is fully enclosed and you will be the only customer there during your visit.


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Dog Park Etiquette

Please walk around the park and ensure it is suitable. You must wait until previous visitors have left the carpark. Please pick up 'any and all' poop and discard it in bins (and bags) provided. Please bring your own dog bowl 'toys' and water. These are not provided as they are a source of cross contamination for dogs, your dog’s safety and health are our top priority. Any unused treats/food stuff must be taken away as other dogs may have allergys!

If you encounter any issues please call 07827163412 or drop us a message. We would like to hear from you with ideas how we could improve!!


Enjoy and make happy memories with your 4-legged friend!