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About Aviemore Dog Park & Kinrara Dog Park

Aviemore Dog Park wanted to create areas that are safe (as a priority) and educating but enjoyable and full of enrichment for our canine friends. We recognized that many people struggled to find a space where they could let nervous/reactive/banned dogs off the lead safely. Somewhere that could provide a secure perimeter to practice and train recall skills without the stress of someone unintentionally interrupting or the dog wandering off to self-praise.

We are providing not only a field for hire but a field with natural variety and some manmade distractions, a great mix of areas to energise and increase that bond between you and your dog. Hide toys in the long reeds so they really have to use their senses to fetch them.

We are also providing areas with agility equipment and enrichment to entice our four legged pals to not only burn off some of that energy but put it to good use; it gives them a different focus. This provides you with an opportunity to enhance their sense of balance, range of motion and strength.